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Florida State University

Before TestMasters: 161

After TestMasters: 169

“After making the monumental decision to attend law school, there lies another critical decision: how to prepare for the LSAT. Prior to my experience with TestMasters, I had never before used any type of test prep program in my academic career other than regular individual and group studying. Looking back upon my experience in the TestMasters class and the results I achieved on my LSAT, I simply do not see how anyone prepares without it. The course was incredibly engaging and thorough; in fact, there was almost too much material for me to complete it all. The most important thing one can possess on test day is the feeling that he is prepared. The course TestMasters provides eliminates any possible doubt about what you may or may not be faced with come test day. The confidence derived from the assurance that you will not face anything unfamiliar, and that you are well-versed in every type of problem the test writers can throw at you is invaluable. If you are considering taking this course, do it. Plain and simple, TestMasters gave me the confidence and skill-set I needed to achieve the score I sought, and is a large reason I am on the way to accomplishing my goals for law school and beyond.”