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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 173

“Originally I was deciding between TestMasters and the Princeton Review for my LSAT preparation. The Princeton Review course was located 3 minutes from my home while the TestMasters course was located 25 minutes away. After speaking with friends and acquaintances who had taken both courses though, my choice was clear. I took the TestMasters course and it was the best decision of my life. I started out on day one and received a 157 on the first diagnostic with no previous LSAT preparation. When I received the score for my actual LSAT, I was delighted to see that I had earned a 173, the 99th percentile and a 16-point boost. I owe it all to TestMasters and my awesome instructor. There is no secret formula to success in the class; simply go to all of the classes and follow their plan by doing the homework and practice tests and whatever score you are aiming for is within your reach. I had a friend who self-studied for the LSAT and he is now signed up for TestMasters so that he can retake the exam after seeing what the class did for my score! Thank you so much TestMasters!”