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University of Pennsylvania

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 168

“TestMasters worked for me because it uses engaged, accessible teachers to deliver an intuitive system. After attempting to prep for the LSAT on my own, I began to feel as though I was someone who simply couldn’t ‘get’ logic games. I had struggled with math as a student and I felt that my inability to work with logic games was the natural outgrowth of that. TestMasters turned this around and got me tackling logic games with a confidence and speed I had not thought possible. Even on sections where I thought I had a strong grasp of the LSAT rules, TestMasters offered new insights and tactics that dramatically enhanced my understanding of the LSAT and the best ways to get the score I wanted.

It was the quality of my instructor however, that truly put TestMasters into a league of its own. I have taken preparation courses for one standardized test or another for most of my life and the TestMasters instructor was the first one that I felt was truly invested in my success. He was engaging, intelligent, and relentless in helping me prepare and his confidence in my ability to conquer the LSAT was a key ingredient in my success.”