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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 160

After TestMasters: 173

“I started college convinced of two things: that I was going to double major, and that I would attend law school after I graduated. After two years, I had to give up on the double major, one of them had simply proven to be too challenging and my GPA suffered. So when the spring of my junior year came around, I knew I had to knock the LSAT out of the park to have a fighting chance at any school I had been thinking about before the damage to my GPA was done. Thankfully, I had a bunch of older friends who had gone through the LSAT prep routine and they all echoed the same exact advice: TestMasters. I took the initial diagnostic and was happy to see I was already off to a good start, and at the first lesson I realized that the class was going to pay off huge. The lessons are great, the teaching is fantastic, and the myriad resources always available are incredibly useful. I needed a great score, put my faith in TestMasters and myself, and it more than paid off.”