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La Sierra University

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 170

“Coming away dissatisfied with my performance on my first attempt at the LSAT, I knew that I would need to invest a lot more effort into my preparation the second time around, if I was going to do better. I initially shied away from the price tag, but quickly overcame that hesitation when I learned more about TestMasters’ methodical approach, and realized that it was the only prep company with consistently positive reviews. I am satisfied more and more with my purchase with each passing day.

I chose the TestMasters online course because it offered scheduling flexibility while still providing direction and structure to my studies. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful (even on Saturday mornings!), and the materials were straightforward. It is not for the faint of heart, though, as I was spending 15-25 hours a week to complete the abundance of material that TestMasters makes available for review. It also requires discipline to commit regularly the time and effort to the lessons, especially when you’re struggling to master a topic that isn’t intuitive. However, the payoff is huge when you do. So, although I was definitely giddy when I sat for the LSAT this time around, I wasn’t nervous because I knew that I had applied my effort in the right ways thanks to TestMasters; I was ready. My score—an 11-point/19-percentile increase over my first attempt—has more than paid for my investment in TestMasters: schools previously beyond my reach are now contacting me, and the fee waivers that I began appearing in my inbox two days after receiving my score have more than justified the price tag I initially hesitated to pay.”