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Cal State Fullerton

Before TestMasters: 143

After TestMasters: 154

“Let’s face it. The LSAT isn’t a test that the majority would score particularly well on right off the bat. It requires so much time and dedication in practicing the material. TestMasters, in comparison to other courses, offers by far the most instructional time, which was so important in getting students like myself to spend the necessary hours engaging in the material in order to do well on this test. My instructor Dorothy Moneymaker was PHENOMENAL. Not only did she know her stuff, but she provided explanations as to how a certain LSAT concept can be applied in law school and in the profession as well. The best part about the course is the methodology. Before taking a TestMasters course, I took a Kaplan course. The ideas and teaching methods are so much clearer at TestMasters. It is because of the TestMasters strategies that I had a dramatic 11-point increase in my score, while being employed full-time and studying for the test a second time.”