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University of Alaska-Anchorage

Before TestMasters: 138

After TestMasters: 150

“I took the LSAT for the first time in November of 2011. I studied for about two months using a Kaplan book and felt as though I was prepared until the actual test began and I realized just how overwhelmingly difficult the LSAT is. I was greatly discouraged and disappointed when four weeks later I received my score of a 138.

When I was applying for law school I had all the right components for being admitted, except my test score which greatly held me back. I discovered TestMasters and felt it was the in depth studying I would need to be successful. I prepped with TestMasters through the online course for the June 2012 LSAT.

After completing the first diagnostic I felt even more discouraged when I only scored a 136. I struggled through the first few lessons and after completing a few more of the diagnostics and supplemental tests I was still only scoring 140, 141, and 143. I was beginning to wonder if maybe law school was not the right choice for me.

Finally, towards the end of my lessons I took a test and scored a 155. I finally felt confident that maybe I could do this. My last few tests I completed before going to the real test I was scoring between 147-155.

I was still very nervous when taking the real test but felt much more prepared going in. Afterwards I still had doubts whether I actually did well or not. My score finally came and when I opened it I could not have been more excited. I scored a 150, which was what I was aiming for. I was accepted to all seven schools I applied to, many of them with scholarship awards. This fall I am attending my dream law school and could not be happier.

I am so thankful that I discovered TestMasters and it truly helped me reach my goal. I was greatly discouraged in the beginning of the course but hard work coupled with the excellent instruction and guidance of TestMasters, enabled me to feel a sense of achievement and excel beyond my goals! I cannot thank TestMasters enough!”