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College of William & Mary

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 164

“Taking a TestMasters course was the best decision I made before applying to law school. Without a doubt, my score would not have been as high if I had tried to study on my own. My class grew very close and it was an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable asking questions. My instructor, the one and only Lloyd English, went above and beyond to ensure we all grasped crucial LSAT concepts. He’s so good, he even got inside our heads; by the end of the class, some of us could even hear our ‘inner Lloyd’ as we tackled a question. TestMasters provides many resources to students outside of the classroom too. I don’t think I could have solved all of the problems, even if I had the time. The most helpful resources for me were the practice diagnostic tests and sections that I could self-score online and get immediate feedback. As much as I would like to claim full ownership of my success on the test, I know I couldn’t have done it without TestMasters, my class, and Lloyd. I have high hopes that I will be able to take the reasoning skills I learned and apply them to law school with ease.”