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University of Pennsylvania

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 167

“The rigorous curriculum of the TestMasters LSAT course adequately prepared me for anything I could have encountered on test day. After TestMasters, I think I’ve just about seen everything there is to see on the LSAT since before I was born! Robin Singh’s brilliant insider perspective is well worth every penny I spent for the course.

However, it was the support base at TestMasters which I believe gave me the extra boost I needed to take my score up to the next level. Truly, the quality of instruction at TestMasters is unparalleled. Not only was I confident in my instructors’ abilities, knowing they had gone through rigorous training and already gained acceptance to top law schools in the country, but they also helped me to become more confident in my own ability. From the start, my instructors were enthusiastic and motivational, which helped keep my energy level up during class. I was most impressed by their dedication to their students; they regularly offered me words of encouragement and seasoned advice about not only the test, but also the law school admissions process and their own experiences.”