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Before TestMasters: 161

After TestMasters: 176

“Even though I started the class with fairly high goals, from day one my instructor encouraged me to raise them. It’s incredibly refreshing (and rare) to have a teacher who truly cares about each of his students and works to help them reach their full potential. He made himself available outside of the classroom and obviously enjoys his job and the success of his students. There is no doubt that through his support and extensive knowledge of the material, I was able to push myself far beyond my original goals and achieve the kind of score that seemed light years away just a few months ago. This being said, the course is not easy. And to fully realize your potential you’ll need to dedicate time outside of the classroom towards fully understanding the material. But if you’re excited and ready to put in the work, TestMasters is the best investment you can make towards achieving the LSAT score you’re aiming for. They give you everything you’ll need to score at your highest potential, and most importantly, that includes the best instructors in the business.”