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College of Idaho

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 165

“My first diagnostic score was 154. I was delighted when it gradually climbed on diagnostics and when my final LSAT score was a 165, in the 91st percentile, I was thrilled. My LSAT score has opened more doors for me than I thought; I am already getting scholarship offers in my email and haven’t even started applying to law schools. My instructor was great and I honestly cannot imagine taking a prep class from another company. I definitely knew from what I had heard that TestMasters had the most qualified instructors but I didn’t realize just how serious they were until our instructor couldn’t teach a class and rather than postponing class, they flew someone in who met their high standards. I also have to say that TestMasters provided more material than I could ever get to and that was extremely helpful when it came to working on my problem areas. The strong point though is the quality of instruction. Although the endless supply of material was helpful, the lectures were outstanding and I believe are better than you could find at a company with lower standards. The amount of money I spent on this class pales in comparison to opportunities that are already presenting themselves. If you are serious about becoming a lawyer, this class is a fantastic investment!”