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University of Arizona

Before TestMasters: 146

After TestMasters: 163

“When I first decided to apply to law school I figured the LSAT would be easy for me since I had always been relatively good at standardized tests. Regardless, someone convinced me to sign up for a prep course, and man am I thankful I did. My first diagnostic score was a 146, much lower than I had anticipated, but in just two months TestMasters helped me increase that score an amazing 17 points to a 163. Without the TestMasters class and my instructor I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done nearly as well on the LSAT. TestMasters teaches you methods that make answering logical reasoning and reading comp questions a breeze, and by the end of the course the logic games seemed more like fun than work. Not only does this course help you to get the right answers, it also helps you to understand the wrong choices and the reasoning behind them, which was often times more helpful than just getting the right answer. The instructors are beyond helpful and extremely knowledgeable without being intimidating. I felt as though I could ask my instructor anything without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I have no doubt that if you are willing to put the effort in and work hard TestMasters will do wonders for your LSAT score.”