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University of Michigan

Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 176

“My LSAT score redefined possibility. I ended up turning down schools that before TestMasters I had not even dared to dream of. With utterly no hesitance I am willing to say that TestMasters was essential to my success. There is no substitute for hard work, but without my instructor Shaun to effectively and thoroughly teach me the logical principles underlying the test, all the hard work in the world would have been for naught. While I cannot speak for other companies’ strategies for taking the LSAT, as I haven’t used them, TestMasters’ strategies work. I can think of no higher endorsement. TestMasters instills a firm grasp of all the necessary principles as well as effective test taking techniques, and, perhaps just as importantly, brings you into effectively structured contact with the entire available range of past test materials. As with hard work, there is no substitute for comprehensive exposure and that is exactly what TestMasters provides. If you are thinking at all of taking the LSAT, take TestMasters. It’s that simple.”