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Boston University

Before TestMasters: 168

After TestMasters: 177

“TestMasters was phenomenal! Honestly, just the sheer volume of real LSAT questions, full sections, and practice tests they make available to you is enough reason to take the course. On top of that, the flexibility they offer is great. I had to switch courses midway when I returned to college after the summer and it was so easy. I was able to just walk into the new course, already signed up, and start exactly where I left off. On top of that, I was able to take a vacation, without missing a class using the audit passes to sit in the class in the town I was visiting. Having experience with multiple TestMasters instructors, I can also say that each one was extremely competent and encouraging. They made us challenge ourselves, explain how and why we arrived at our answers in order to ensure we really understood each question. Not only did they help us master the test, but they also did their best to try and help us master our stress level, which is usually an obstacle in itself. When I walked into the exam, I felt ready, and even relatively calm. I knew TestMasters had prepared me in the best possible way, something I think the improvement in my score clearly reflects. If you’re willing to actually put in the time and work to get a top score on the LSAT, TestMasters is definitely the best resource available to do so.”