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University of South Florida

Before TestMasters: 145

After TestMasters: 160

“In general I have always been a poor standardized test taker, so I knew not to quit after my first attempt at the LSAT. I was capable of so much more than the score suggested and I knew my potential. TestMasters helped me reach it and prove I was so much better than my first try. The course increased my score by 15 points in only 3 months.

TestMasters truly is a comprehensive course that not only helps you answer questions correctly, but know why that answer is right and why the others are wrong. My instructor was so easy to talk to and learn from. She had a clear and concise answer to every possible question, and her energy made classes easier and more fun. Of course she could not do it all alone; dedication and practice are what ensures eventual success. The tools your instructor gives you must be applied through the homework and other resources outside of the classroom. These tools are invaluable and all the extra time you put in really makes the difference. It instills the lessons and reconditions your brain so you can approach each question with inestimable confidence. By the end of the course you can immediately identify each question type and know what it will require of you (an awesome time saver on a test that has demanding time constraints). Today I am able to apply to schools that were not even on the horizon for me prior to TestMasters. It was the best money I have ever spent, a truly worthwhile investment in my future that has paid dividends.”