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Clemson University

Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 162

“While I cannot comment on the effectiveness of other LSAT prep companies, I believe TestMasters should be anyone’s top choice. The course material is expertly planned, incredibly effective, and not just anyone with a high score can become an instructor. TestMasters puts potential instructors through a vigorous boot camp of training to ensure that instructors not only know the LSAT forwards and backwards, but also that the instructors really have a talent for teaching. My instructor, Sam Lehman, was no exception. Sam really made this course incredibly effective not just for me, but my entire class. Without doubt, I picked up strategies and insights from this course that I never would have discovered on my own.The cost is negligible if you consider what it means to your potential salary as a lawyer, and these people really know their stuff. If you are serious about scoring well on the LSAT and are willing to work hard, treating the course the same as a college class, TestMasters will get you there.”