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American Military University

Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 166

“As I do not have the strongest undergraduate grades, I needed a good LSAT score to make me competitive for admission into law school. I felt the LSAT was my big opportunity to tip the scales in my favor and I sought to invest my money in the best test prep company available. I found TestMasters through online research and a little luck. Overall, they seemed the most serious and able to support my bottom line: the highest score possible. I was right.

On my first practice test with TestMasters I scored a 151. After three weeks, I still could not score higher than a 153. Then I began learning and applying the methods taught by TestMasters, especially in the logic games, and my scores improve dramatically. On test day, I scored a 166. As I became more comfortable with the methods, my time improved. Let me be clear about one point. My score would not have risen out of the low 150s if my TestMasters instructor had not effectively and persistently taught me those methods. There is simply no other way I could have scored any higher.

My instructor Dorothy Moneymaker was very knowledgeable and quick-witted. She could break apart and analyze any logical reasoning problem on the spot. Every day she volunteered to stay late and answer questions. Aside from her encyclopedic knowledge of everything LSAT, her sense of humor, personality, and confidence makes her a very effective instructor. Also, the online resources were a tremendous help. These enabled me to study at my own pace at home and focus on areas where I needed improvement. The supplemental practice tests, practice sections, and practice problems organized by problem type enabled me to hone in on my weak points and make the most of the precious little time I had to study.

I truly believe TestMasters maximized my LSAT score. I have not had direct experiences with other LSAT prep courses, but I honestly cannot imagine more from any of them. TestMasters is for anyone who is serious about scoring well on the LSAT.”