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UC Santa Cruz

Before TestMasters: 140

After TestMasters: 158

“By lesson one, I knew I was in the right LSAT prep course. The way Doug Lawrence went into specifics of the different question types made it clear that I was in the hands of someone incredibly capable. The comfort in having a personable and engaging instructor guide you through this exhaustive process is well worth the commitment.

The diagnostics were exactly what I needed: training in endurance and handling the pressures of test day. My first diagnostic felt like four hours of eating gravel. I would make it sound much more poetic, but then I wouldn’t be doing the experience of blindly walking into the LSAT justice.

Aside from the classroom experience, TestMasters normalizes the process and takes the shock out of the LSAT. By test day, I already knew the drill. I walked into the classroom as though I was just stepping into another diagnostic. I wish I could visually show you my 18-point increase like a weight-loss ad, but since I can’t, I leave you with my words of wisdom: Take TestMasters.”