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LSAT Prep Course Options in Alexandria

With classes conveniently held off Dupont Circle, the TestMasters Washington DC LSAT prep course is the perfect choice for residents of Alexandria. From expert instruction to comprehensive online resources, we provide everything you need to achieve a fantastic LSAT score. TestMasters also holds LSAT classes in Fairfax.

15 three-hour live class sessions (45 hours total)
Curriculum developed by Robin Singh, who has achieved a world-record 12 perfect LSAT scores
Instructors with official LSAT scores in the 98th percentile or above
Drills and quizzes that test your understanding of the LSAT
20 digital practice LSATs administered as full-length exams (three scored sections and one unscored section)
24/7 academic support from our team of expert instructors
Score reports that break down your performance and record the exact time you spent on each question
150 hours of instructional videos professionally filmed in live classroom settings
Thousands of pages of written explanations
Access to every official LSAT question released by LSAC since 1991 (over 10,000 questions)

Washington, D.C. LSAT Course Schedules

September 7, 2024 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Summer Course Start Date: May 29, 2024 Enroll Now
November 9, 2024 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Autumn Course Start Date: August 26, 2024 Enroll Now

Other LSAT Course Options

Live Online
Our live online LSAT courses are taught via Zoom by elite instructors who have at least five years of TestMasters LSAT teaching experience.
Self–Paced Online
Our self–paced online LSAT course, which is taught by the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores, is ideal for those who prefer to study on their own schedule.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Maria Teresa LaGumina | Georgetown Before TestMasters 163 After TestMasters 171

“I originally signed up for TestMasters after hearing many glowing recommendations of the program. At first I was wary because of the class size but there was always someone to help if I had a question and the coursework continued to challenge me when I started to find sections too easy. With all of the extra materials and homework my timing improved incredibly and I was able to get my score up to a 171. I definitely recommend TestMasters as a way to get a competitive score for top law schools.”

Clint Morrison | Georgetown Before TestMasters 154 After TestMasters 172

“My decision to enroll in a TestMasters course was based on the calculation that I would need a score in the 170s to have a legitimate shot at a top tier law school with programs, curricula, and opportunities that would make the investment of law school tuiton worth my while. My initial score of 154 was probably not a indicator of where I would have been without TestMasters, since I would have purchased practice workbooks and diagnostics to prepare, yet I am convinced that I would not have been able to crack the 170 barrier without the strategies and resources made available to me through TestMasters. If you are willing to put in the time to be at each class and do each problem assigned, you will be satisfied with the program and the results. If you want to do very well on this test and are planning on enrolling in a prep course, this is the one to choose.”

Soraya Mohamed | George Washington University Before TestMasters 142 After TestMasters 156

“I started the TestMasters course having never even looked at an LSAT question in my life. The first diagnostic was miserable, when the first class finished and I left feeling disappointed and overwhelmed, extremely far from my goal score and not sure what to do. However, once I had a few classes under my belt I felt much better and actually started enjoying the concepts I was learning. My instructor, Austin Stack, did an amazing job at making each part (especially the logic games) comprehensible! He was very accommodating and made coming to class not only interesting, but also worthwhile. I don’t think I’d have been able to achieve the score increase I did without the structure and motivation of the TestMasters course.”

Hannah Duus | Georgetown Before TestMasters 163 After TestMasters 171

“I knew preparing for the LSAT while working full-time would be a challenge, but the course helped me score even higher than my goal. It definitely takes work and time, but TestMasters makes sure you focus on the right things and don’t waste any effort. I always felt like class was an efficient and productive use of my time. My instructor was great at feeling out if the class needed a question or topic explained in a different way or if he could move on to something else. I also appreciated the mix of conceptual and example-based lessons. The course was very effective at picking out LSAT questions that incorporated concepts, strategies, and patterns that would continue to show up on other questions. When test day came, I felt ready and I was very happy with the results.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TestMasters select and train its LSAT instructors?

After a thorough screening and audition process, all TestMasters instructors undergo a minimum of 100 hours of training to ensure that they are experts not only on the LSAT but also at helping others excel on the test.

Does TestMasters offer one-on-one LSAT tutoring?

Yes! For students who want assistance outside of class, TestMasters offers one-on-one tutoring by the hour or in 10, 25, or 80-hour packages.

Is it possible to start a TestMasters classroom LSAT course in one location and switch to another location?

Yes! Students can transfer between TestMasters classroom courses being held for the same test administration, so it's easy to switch locations permanently (e.g.—if you're going home from school or returning to school from home) or temporarily (e.g.—if you're out of town for just a week).

Can TestMasters help me with my law school applications?

Yes! Our admissions consulting services will provide you with personalized assistance on any part of your application. All of our consultants have been admitted to T14 law schools and are experts on the law school admissions process.