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St. Louis LSAT Prep Course

TestMasters’ St. Louis LSAT prep course is conveniently held right on campus at Washington University. Offering the finest and most comprehensive LSAT prep in the Gateway City, our St. Louis class is the top choice for students from St. Louis University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Webster University and Fontebonne University.

TestMasters Live LSAT Course

The TestMasters live prep course is the best way in St. Louis to prepare for the LSAT. Our class offers 160 hours of instruction (60 hours in-class plus 100 hours online), six proctored diagnostic exams, 160 hours of online videos, and access to over 9000 real LSAT questions. With TestMasters, students can feel confident that they have strategies for every type of question that might appear on the test.

St. Louis LSAT Course Schedules

June 3, 2019 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Spring Course Start Date: February 23, 2019 Enroll Now
September 21, 2019 LSAT Administration
View Calendar Summer Course Start Date: July 10, 2019 Enroll Now

The Best LSAT Instructors in St. Louis

TestMasters Live LSAT courses are taught by the most elite faculty in the industry. To become a TestMasters instructor, applicants must submit copies of their official LSAT scores within the 98th percentile or above. Applicants then complete over 50 hours of methodology training, and 10-20 hours of evaluated teaching. At the end of the day, TestMasters hires less than 10% of qualified applicants, ensuring that each person who stands in front of a TestMasters class exhibits mastery of the material, and exceptional teaching skills.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Neeraja Lammata | Washington University in St. Louis Before TestMasters 152 After TestMasters 168

Trying to study for the LSAT while working full-time was proving to be impossible, so I finally decided to get serious and sign up for the TestMasters LSAT prep course. The extensive classroom time and specialized lesson booklets were the most helpful tools for me. The classroom time guaranteed that I would focus on the LSAT while the lesson booklets broke down the question types into manageable terms. Talking through why answer choices were incorrect helped me significantly improve my timing on the test and on test day I completed every question. The percentile increase in my score was phenomenal. I couldn’t have been more pleased!

Jessica Day | Saint Louis University Before TestMasters 150 After TestMasters 164

I never could have achieved the score I did if I hadn’t used TestMasters. One reason why I chose TestMasters was the quality of its instructors. All instructors have scored in the top percentiles on the LSAT and have gone through rigorous training so they can answer any question you have. TestMasters provided me with more real LSAT questions than I ever needed. If I was having trouble with a particular type of question, there were hundreds more just like it for me to work on until I mastered the concept. The best thing about TestMasters, though? I went to the classes, put in the time studying outside of class, used all of the resources provided, and now I never have to take the LSAT again!

Juliet Eisenstein | WUSTL Before TestMasters 152 After TestMasters 169

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer. I always knew this entailed going to law school, but I knew barely anything about the LSAT before enrolling in TestMasters this past summer. I figured the class would be long and boring, and especially painful after a nine-hour workday. My instructor was extremely engaging and made the material interesting and approachable. He broke everything down and made sure everyone understood the lessons, while also presenting them with a lot of energy and passion. Overall, I would never think twice about recommending a TestMasters course to another student—the amount of support and material they provide, on their website, in the course books, and through the instructors, is unbeatable and I would not have felt so at ease on test day without them.

Melissa Krain | WUSTL Before TestMasters 160 After TestMasters 171

I would recommend the TestMasters LSAT course to anyone who is serious about improving their LSAT score. My instructors constantly stressed the point that anyone can get the LSAT score that they want with the right amount work and study. This positive attitude, complemented by TestMasters’ stellar approach to the LSAT, helped me to improve my score. I also really liked that the course taught me how to answer the questions instead of just looking for short cuts like some other courses do. I am so glad that I took TestMasters to prepare for the LSAT and I truly believe I would not have been able to improve my score as much as I did without the course.

St. Louis Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters offer LSAT prep courses at other locations?

Yes! In Missouri, the TestMasters live LSAT course is offered in Columbia and Kansas City. Nationally, TestMasters offers live LSAT courses in over 100 locations!

Would TestMasters allow me to start my LSAT prep course in St. Louis and transfer to a different location?

Yes! Once you enroll in a TestMasters LSAT course, you can attend any TestMasters class in any of our locations at no additional cost, as long as both classes are in preparation for the same LSAT test date.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring in St. Louis?

Yes! All of our LSAT tutors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT and have been thoroughly trained in the TestMasters methodology during our extensive instructor training session. For more information or to sign up for LSAT tutoring, please visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800-696-5728.

Does TestMasters offer an Online LSAT Course?

Yes! If you wish to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live LSAT course. Additionally, you can receive academic support from our faculty.