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LSAT Prep Options in Santa Cruz

Taught by the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores, the TestMasters online LSAT prep course is the perfect option for UC Santa Cruz undergrads. If you’re serious about crushing the LSAT, join the hundreds of thousands of students who have achieved amazing score increases with TestMasters!

The TestMasters Online LSAT Course

The best LSAT preparation used to be available only in select locations, but with our online courses it’s now available everywhere! From expert instruction to comprehensive resources to 24/7 academic support, TestMasters provides a level of individualized guidance that no competitor’s course can match.

Highly effective methods, strategies, and techniques
Curriculum developed by Robin Singh, who has achieved a world-record 12 perfect LSAT scores
Instructors with official LSAT scores in the 98th percentile or above
Drills and quizzes that test your understanding of the LSAT
20 digital practice LSATs administered as full-length exams (three scored sections and one unscored section)
24/7 academic support from our team of expert instructors
Score reports that break down your performance and record the exact time you spent on each question
150 hours of instructional videos professionally filmed in live classroom settings
Thousands of pages of written explanations
Access to every official LSAT question released by LSAC since 1991 (nearly 10,000 questions)
LSAT Date Available Starting
March 11, 2022 Now!
April 30, 2022 Now!
June 11, 2022 February 10, 2022 early start!
August 12, 2022 April 12, 2022 early start!
September 9, 2022 May 10, 2022 early start!
October 14, 2022 June 14, 2022 early start!
November 11, 2022 July 12, 2022 early start!
January 13, 2023 September 13, 2022 early start!
February 10, 2023 October 11, 2022 early start!
April 14, 2023 December 14, 2022 early start!
June 9, 2023 February 9, 2023 early start!

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Ryan Shaening | UC Santa Cruz Before TestMasters 152 After TestMasters 167

“TestMasters gave me the structure and specific techniques that I needed to boost my LSAT score. I feel that the small class and intimate atmosphere that was provided by TestMasters gave me with the opportunity to address any and every concern that I had. My teacher was always available and provided me with the personal touch that I needed. I would highly suggest TestMasters for anyone that needs some structure to guide their studying and for those that just need a place to get started.”

Tony LoPresti | UC Santa Cruz Before TestMasters 154 After TestMasters 167

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the TestMasters LSAT prep course. When I signed up for the course, I was expecting a boring review of logic and a few tricks that would help me navigate the “test with teeth”. I was shocked when the course turned out to be engaging, dynamic, and truly effective. My teacher Ronnie Gosselin was particularly wonderful. She approached the class with a great sense of humor that kept everyone laughing, and at the same time was able to communicate the techniques that helped us improve. There was never any sense of condescension from the teacher, or competition from my classmates. Our teacher supported each person in meeting their goals, and everyone seemed to cheer for each other.

I saw my test scores steadily improve throughout the course, and by the time I arrived to take the test, I felt prepared and confident that I would succeed. I far surpassed my original target score. I went from hoping to get into a top 100 school to having a very good shot of getting into a top 10 school. That’s an incredible transformation in my prospects, and I can say that TestMasters played an absolutely indispensable role in making that happen.”

Priscilla Szeto | UC Santa Cruz Before TestMasters 140 After TestMasters 158

“By lesson one, I knew I was in the right LSAT prep course. The way Doug Lawrence went into specifics of the different question types made it clear that I was in the hands of someone incredibly capable. The comfort in having a personable and engaging instructor guide you through this exhaustive process is well worth the commitment.

The diagnostics were exactly what I needed: training in endurance and handling the pressures of test day. My first diagnostic felt like four hours of eating gravel. I would make it sound much more poetic, but then I wouldn’t be doing the experience of blindly walking into the LSAT justice.

Aside from the classroom experience, TestMasters normalizes the process and takes the shock out of the LSAT. By test day, I already knew the drill. I walked into the classroom as though I was just stepping into another diagnostic. I wish I could visually show you my 18-point increase like a weight-loss ad, but since I can’t, I leave you with my words of wisdom: Take TestMasters.”

Scott Chu | UC Santa Cruz Before TestMasters 151 After TestMasters 161

“TestMasters was pivotal to my success in the law school admissions process. My outstanding instructor Rich Slaton helped me make the transition from knowing absolutely nothing about the LSAT to fully comprehending the approach for crushing the exam. The course was ingeniously structured and well organized, providing me with a well rounded understanding and strong grasp of how to prepare for the actual test. I feel very fortunate to have had an instructor who gave a 110% effort toward eliminating my weaknesses, and I am proud to say that I scored a perfect 23/23 on logic games, which used to be my Achilles’ heel. I have already been admitted to both of my top choice law schools, UC-Davis and UC-Hastings, and these fantastic results are what make me confident in recommending TestMasters to aspiring law students. Undoubtedly, TestMasters is the test prep service to turn to if one truly desires to make the leap to a top-tier law school. I truly thank my instructor Rich and the course’s designer Robin Singh for providing me with the tools to access my dream career.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters provide online LSAT tutoring services?

Yes, TestMasters does provide online tutoring services! Sessions can be purchased by the hour or in 10, 25, or 80-hour packages and will be conducted by one of our LSAT experts via video conference.

Can TestMasters assist me with the law school application process?

Yes, we offer admissions consulting! Whether you're at the beginning of the application process or looking for help polishing your personal statement, our admissions consultants can provide the guidance you need to make your application stand out.

Do I have to log in at certain times to participate in TestMasters online LSAT classes?

No! The lessons and homeworks in our online LSAT classes are available on-demand and TestMasters students have access to 24/7 academic support. You'll be able to prepare for the test at your own pace and on your own schedule without any distractions.

Do I need to buy LSAT prep materials before I enroll in a TestMasters online course?

No. As an official LSAC licensee, TestMasters provides you with every LSAT question that has been released since the advent of the 120-180 scoring scale in 1991.