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La Jolla LSAT Prep Course

Since 1998, when TestMasters held our first LSAT prep course in La Jolla, thousands of UC San Diego students and San Diego area residents have taken the TestMasters LSAT course to achieve higher LSAT scores. Our live LSAT classes are held in preparation for every LSAT administration in La Jolla right near the UC San Diego campus!

TestMasters Live LSAT Course

If you’re seeking the best LSAT prep course in the industry, look no further. TestMasters offers the finest and most comprehensive LSAT prep course available. With 160 hours of instruction (60 hours in-class plus 100 hours online), 6 proctored diagnostic exams, and access to every single question released by the LSAC since 1991, students can be sure that they’ll have every resource they need to master the LSAT.

La Jolla LSAT Course Schedules

We also offer LSAT classes in San Diego.

The Best LSAT Instructors in La Jolla

All TestMasters LSAT instructors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an officially administered LSAT and have successfully completed our rigorous training program. At TestMasters, your LSAT preparation will be provided by an expert LSAT instructor who not only makes class fun, but is also committed to helping you achieve an excellent LSAT score.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Michelle Choi | UC San Diego Before TestMasters 150 After TestMasters 170

“The TestMasters program is truly designed to maximize a student’s potential in performing well on the LSAT. By utilizing what TestMasters teaches and emphasizes, I was able to increase my score by 20 points. TestMasters works because the material and the homework is as comprehensive as possible, and covers every aspect of the LSAT. Any student has the ability to dramatically increase their score as long as he or she takes full advantage of what TestMasters offers, and only TestMasters offers such a complete and comprehensive breakdown of the LSAT.”

Adam Meyers | UC San Diego Before TestMasters 145 After TestMasters 162

“I’m fairly certain without my instructor emphasizing constant improvement and setting realistic expectations, I would’ve stopped studying or gone crazy. I was surprised when I finally got my score report that I actually hit the number I wanted in the first place. Granted, the TestMasters strategies for taking the test are worth the price of admission alone, but it was the big picture advice that really helped get through the whole process and focus my energy on improving my weak spots all the way until the actual test.”

Netta Sofer | UC San Diego Before TestMasters 146 After TestMasters 167

“I really like that TestMasters’ philosophy is about doing the work and understanding the questions rather than gimmicks or tricks. If you gain an understanding of what the questions are about, and how to approach the questions, you don’t need to worry about tricks on the test. I don’t think there are gimmicks that will reliably help. The test is all about reading the questions with a critical eye, and understanding the substance of the questions. If you are willing to put in the hard work (and it is hard work!), your score will reflect it.”

Alexander Huang | UC San Diego Before TestMasters 134 After TestMasters 158

“My LSAT score increased from 134 on my first diagnostic test to 158 on the actual LSAT and I owe it to TestMasters. This course isn’t just for anyone though. It’s only for those who actually want to do well on the LSAT and for those who are willing to invest the time to master the TestMasters techniques for the LSAT and apply them properly.”

La Jolla LSAT Course FAQs

Does TestMasters offer LSAT courses outside of La Jolla?

Yes! TestMasters offers our live LSAT course in San Diego and at more than 100 other locations across the United States!

Would TestMasters allow me to start my LSAT prep course in La Jolla and transfer to a different location?

Yes! Once you enroll in a TestMasters LSAT course, you can attend any TestMasters class in any of our locations at no additional cost, as long as both classes are in preparation for the same LSAT test date.

Does TestMasters offer private LSAT tutoring in La Jolla?

Yes! All of our LSAT tutors have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT and have been thoroughly trained in the TestMasters methodology during our extensive instructor training session. For more information or to sign up for LSAT tutoring, please visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800-696-5728.

Does TestMasters offer an Online LSAT Course?

Yes! If you wish to prepare for the LSAT at your own pace, the TestMasters Online LSAT Course teaches the same proven methods and comes with the same comprehensive course materials as the live LSAT course. Additionally, you can receive academic support from our faculty.