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Flagstaff LSAT Prep Course

With cutting-edge methodologies and expert instruction, TestMasters’ live prep course in Flagstaff is the best LSAT course for Lumberjacks looking to improve their scores. We also offer LSAT preparation courses at the University of Arizona in Tucson and in Tempe, just a mile northwest of the Arizona State University campus.

  • 160 hours of instruction (60 in-class and 100 online)
  • Curriculum designed by Robin Singh, the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores
  • 20 full-length, five-section practice LSATs
  • Thousands of video and written explanations
  • Instructors with official LSAT scores in the 98th percentile or higher
  • 24/7 academic support from our expert instructors
  • Every LSAT question released since 1991 (over 9000 questions)
  • Customized feedback on homework and practice tests
  • Online drills and quizzes to help you hone your skills
  • Starting in April 2019, all practice tests will be available in the new digital format!

Flagstaff LSAT Course Schedules

We also offer LSAT classes in Tucson and Phoenix.

TestMasters LSAT Course Reviews

Lauren Davis | Arizona State University Before TestMasters 156 After TestMasters 170

“The TestMasters course provided me with the foundation to achieve my 14-point increase on the LSAT. Without the structured lessons they provided, the comprehensive breakdown of the test materials, and the support from the instructor it would have been much more difficult for me to obtain the score I wanted. The TestMasters course laid the groundwork for success couple that with some hard work and you won’t be disappointed. I looked extensively into many test preparation companies before I chose TestMasters, and I am confident in saying that if you can afford it this is the best program to take.”

Edward Laber | University of Arizona Before TestMasters 144 After TestMasters 164

“The people at TestMasters are extremely friendly, genuine and committed to helping you achieve your LSAT goals. I had six weeks and only one shot to take the LSAT in order to apply for schools in the fall (or else wait another year) and I am so glad I did not entrust my future to any other vendor. The instructor from TestMasters really took the time to get to know each of us individually and hone in on our strengths and weaknesses. The materials we were given were right on point and worth every penny. I felt very confident on test day knowing TestMasters was rooting for me.”

Rebecca Wolozin | Cornell Before TestMasters 157 After TestMasters 173

“TestMasters is an excellent LSAT prep course. It allowed me to distill my inclinations, tendencies, and internal logic into a clear, usable strategy and fundamental understanding of the LSAT. I found that often after learning a logical reasoning strategy, I would finally understand what I had been on the verge of working out in my head! The more time and focus you put in, the more you will get out of the class, and the more likely you are to succeed when you finally take the test. By the end of the course, I was excited to take my LSAT and use everything I had learned!”

Joe Lu | Columbia Before TestMasters 158 After TestMasters 171

“Even though I’d skimmed through a few LSAT prep books before enrolling in TestMasters, TestMasters taught me to approach problems in ways that I hadn’t ever considered. Really, TestMasters, I think, is the only source of LSAT information that anyone hoping to score well would need. Instructors were engaging and unafraid to challenge students. In all sincerity, I credit every point increase in my score to TestMasters. Most importantly, the course is honest, and if you put in the amount of work that the instructors expect you to, your score will reflect this process.”

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