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St. Mary's University School of Law

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One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, TX 78228-8601
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With more than two decades of experience helping students crush the LSAT, TestMasters has established itself as the foremost source for top quality LSAT preparation. The TestMasters LSAT review course includes the powerful methodology developed by course creator Robin Singh, who holds the world record with 12 perfect scores on officially administered LSATs, and every TestMasters LSAT class features instruction from a teacher who has received a top score (98th or 99th percentile) on an LSAC-administered Law School Admission Test. Tens of thousands of students have used the TestMasters LSAT course to raise their LSAT scores by over ten points

TestMasters offers several ways to prepare for the LSAT. For students who prefer live instruction, TestMasters offers a full-length live LSAT Course (80 hours) and a 16-hour weekend LSAT course. Students who cannot commit to the entire 80-hour prep course or who would simply prefer to devise an individual study program for the LSAT can still benefit from TestMasters’ LSAT expertise by signing up for our online course. Private LSAT tutors and Admissions Consultants are also available for students who prefer individual instruction. For more information about courses in your area, please click here.