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John F. Kennedy University School of Law

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{TestMasters, the world’s foremost source for quality LSAT preparation, has been helping students get ready for the LSAT for over 25 years|For over two decades, TestMasters has been the leading source for quality LSAT preparation|With more than 25 years of experience helping students prepare for.

Founded by Robin Singh, who has achieved more perfect scores (12) than anyone else on officially administered LSATs, TestMasters has helped over 150,000 students prepare for the most important test of their lives with its unrivaled knowledge of the LSAT. TestMasters offer two different courses—a 60-hour Live LSAT Course and an Online LSAT Course—to students who want the benefits of the finest and most comprehensive LSAT preparation in the world. Students who want to work one-on-one with a dedicated instructor can also take advantage of our Admissions Consulting and Private Tutoring services. For further information about nearby TestMasters courses, please click here.