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TestMasters Offers Unmatched Teaching Experience

Since 1991, TestMasters has helped hundreds of thousands of students increase their scores on standardized tests. TestMasters GMAT Courses are geared towards business school applicants who are in search of the most comprehensive preparation available for the exam.

Course Features

TestMasters has developed the ultimate LSAT system.

TestMasters has developed the ultimate GMAT system. We immerse students in our proven methodology and equip them with valuable strategies and techniques.

TestMaster has provided all official LSAT questions since 1991.

Every TestMasters student is provided with a personal set of every real GMAT question that is publicly available.

TestMaster's instructors are ranked in the top 98th percentile for the officially administered LSAT.

TestMasters has assembled an all-star team of instructors: each has scored in the 98th percentile on an officially administered GMAT.

TestMasters offers LSAT prep courses in over 100 locations in North America.

Students take 6 full-length diagnostic tests with instantaneous scoring and receive computerized score reports for each.

TestMasters uses state-of-the-art techniques, including video, interactive practice tests, and more.

Our online resources are state-of-the-art. TestMasters students have access to hundreds of written and video explanations, interactive games and drills, and numerous other features.

TestMaster's personalized support extends beyond the 120-hour curriculum. Contact us anytime!

The support we give students extends beyond the 60 hours of class. Our dedicated instructors are available to answer any homework questions you have via telephone or email.