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Online GMAT Course

Extensive Materials

Extensive GMAT Prep Materials

Every TestMasters student is provided with a personal set of all real GMAT questions that are publicly available.

Comprehensive Lessons

Comprehensive Lessons

Our course offers interactive lessons on every concept tested on the GMAT. An abundance of material in the form of instructional videos, written explanations, practice drills, and digital whiteboard sessions gives our students every opportunity to master each skill.

Multi-Format: Read, Watch, Listen, Learn

Multi-Format Video, Audio, Text

Our Online GMAT Prep Course utilizes a variety of media that goes way beyond the traditional text-only format. With the addition of videos, interactive games, animated whiteboard presentations and live one-on-one tutorials, students stay focused longer and learn faster.

3 Hours of Private Tutoring

3 Hours of Private GMAT Tutoring

Each online student is assigned to one of our expert GMAT tutors who will offer guidance, monitor progress, and answer questions at every stage. Every TestMasters instructor has scored in the 99th percentile on an officially administered GMAT. Tutoring is available over the phone or online through the use of shared whiteboards, chat, and Skype.

Real GMAT Diagnostics

Real GMAT Diagnostics

Students receive nine GMAT Paper Tests, six of which are taken as diagnostics during the course. Computerized score reports from these diagnostics provide critical information about students' current level of performance, how they are progressing, and where they should focus their study time.

NEW! Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions

Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions

Get ready for the newest section of the GMAT with our online Integrated Reasoning practice questions. Perfect your skills on the new question types and learn the best strategies for attacking each.

GMAT Practice and Drills

Practice and Drills

Being prepared is crucial to GMAT success. Our Online GMAT Course provides thousands of questions, drills, quizzes, and interactive games to encourage participation and hone skills!

In-Depth Curriculum

In-Depth Curriculum

Our curriculum gives students a solid foundation in the math, grammar, and logic skills tested on the GMAT. We focus on techniques that other companies often overlook: how to understand the language of the GMAT, determine which concepts are being tested, and use basic math and English to solve even the most complex problems.

Proven Success

Proven Success

In the past 25 years, hundreds of thousands of students have prepared for standardized tests with TestMasters. With courses designed to teach skills, not tricks and gimmicks, TestMasters will help you achieve amazing results.