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Yeshiva University

Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 171

“Using TestMasters has been an incredible experience. My instructor was personable and helpful and truly made four hour classes pass by in an enjoyable way. The online aspect of the course is irreplaceable and really gave me an advantage over other students without the resources that I had. Any question I had at any point during the course was answered clearly and precisely by very competent instructors within a short amount of time, and they really tailored their answers to help me understand the material in my own way. Of course, watching Robin’s videos online was extremely helpful. It made me see that the same methodologies could be applied by any instructor with the same accurate results. Even small things were appreciated in this course, including the option to audit classes and to make up classes any time/any place. I would not have gotten my 171 without TestMasters!”