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Henderson State University

Before TestMasters: 142

After TestMasters: 164

“Taking the TestMasters live class was probably the best decision I have ever made. Our teacher genuinely cared about us and devoted ample time to everything we studied. He also had a knack for knowing exactly how to explain hard concepts. And speaking of learning the concepts, this course had it all. All of the LSAT sections were covered in incredible detail with a foolproof way of mastering them.

The class is intense and we were given homework of biblical proportions. But the online portal with the step-by-step walkthrough with Robin made it easy. The online portal was simply amazing. It had comprehensive written and video breakdowns from Robin of individual questions and concepts, interactive and competitive vocab quizzes, a list of every type of flawed reasoning the LSAT has tested, and more. This is what makes the TestMasters system so solid. Only this course trains and gives you the best LSAT test takers as teachers, five volumes of coursework with proven methods of success, and a members-only website filled with extra classes. TestMasters raised my score twenty-two points from a 142 to a 164! I just got my first full-ride letter in the mail yesterday and owe it all to TestMasters. I would recommend the course a hundred times over.”