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Before TestMasters: 161

After TestMasters: 176

“I thought I would dread going to LSAT class eight hours a week all summer, but my TestMasters instructor, Anthony Meni, was so engaging and personable that the classes were always fun. He interacted with students as both an ally and coach, and his vested interest in our success was apparent from day one. Anthony was also incredibly approachable with respect to both substantive and test stress issues, never failing to offer a relevant example or compelling anecdote.

The TestMasters curriculum is well-structured and comprehensive. Their approach is deeply thoughtful and intensive; rather than just giving test-specific advice and surface-level tips, TestMasters taught me to really consider and interpret the concepts that underlie the LSAT. I’ve even found myself applying these logical principles in daily life, months after the test! Also, TestMasters offers the best in terms of preparatory materials. The quantity and organization of former test questions ensured that I had unending opportunities to practice. TestMasters also employs a tremendous array of online resources, from video lectures to topic-specific quizzes to performance trackers, which helped me keep up with the material after I had finished the live classes.

I honestly could not have asked for a better test preparation experience. TestMasters is the way to go for serious, motivated LSAT takers.”