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Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 173

“When I first considered taking the LSAT, the thought of studying for such a long and comprehensive test was quite daunting. Even when I first received the TestMasters’ printed materials, containing every LSAT question released since 1991, I still felt intimidated. However, these fears were quickly alleviated once I started my TestMasters class and explored TestMasters’ online resources. The curriculum broke down the LSAT into manageable pieces and the online videos and exercises answered any question that arose. With practice, I became very comfortable with each aspect of the test. On test day, I was totally confident that I would not encounter any surprises because I had already seen and practiced every type of question the test could ask.

Even more valuable than TestMasters’ extensive preparatory materials was the fabulous teaching I received. My instructor was incredibly engaged with the class and always took the time, both during and outside of class, to ensure that everyone understood each concept. My instructor’s energetic personality and easygoing but effective teaching style made studying for the LSAT far more fun and easy than I ever imagined. My instructor not only taught me the test taking tips needed to ace the LSAT, but, far more importantly, he instilled in me a new, logic-based way of thinking and problem solving. Long after I forget the difference between Type 4 and Type 5 questions, I will still use these new problem-solving skills in many aspects of my life.”