The course curriculum and test advice gave me so many advantages on test day and my professor was excellent.
Daniel Amirata
Florida Atlantic University
Before TestMasters: 136
After TestMasters: 156
Thanks to TestMasters, I’m now being considered for admission to some of the best law schools in the country.
Ryan Woodford
Washington University-St. Louis
Before TestMasters: 149
After TestMasters: 170
I highly recommend this fantastic service. If you want to improve your score, and are willing to put in the necessary work to do that, then take TestMasters. You won’t be sorry.
Ezra Pinsky
Yeshiva University
Before TestMasters: 164
After TestMasters: 179
You have to be committed to see improvement. The good news is that if you are committed, TestMasters offers everything and anything you need to achieve your goals.
Brooks Coe
Middlebury College
Before TestMasters: 163
After TestMasters: 180
When I looked at the mountain of coursework from TestMasters, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But after starting the course, I knew I’d made the right choice.
Sarah Abel
Before TestMasters: 164
After TestMasters: 179
Do the work, show up to class, and take the diagnostics seriously, and there is no reason you can’t see a 22-point jump in your score like I did.
Ben Reed
Haverford College
Before TestMasters: 149
After TestMasters: 171
I am so thankful a friend told me about TestMasters and I will continue to recommend them to everyone I know.
Hilary Flint
Vanderbilt University
Before TestMasters: 158
After TestMasters: 165
Now when my friends say they are interested in law school, there’s only one piece of advice that I give them regarding the LSAT: take TestMasters.
Hebah Ismail
Before TestMasters: 158
After TestMasters: 173
The TestMasters course offered so much well-organized practice that I felt completely confident on test day.
Corey Banks
Tufts University
Before TestMasters: 159
After TestMasters: 178
I truly loved TestMasters and strongly encourage anyone thinking about taking the LSAT to take a prep course with them.
Jennie Sacks
Emory University
Before TestMasters: 145
After TestMasters: 169
Dorothy went above and beyond and you couldn’t ask for a better teacher!
Umar Chaudhary
Before TestMasters: 163
After TestMasters: 171
The instructor, Steve, really took the time to get to know each of us individually and hone in on our strengths and weaknesses.
Edward Laber
University of Arizona
Before TestMasters: 144
After TestMasters: 164
From the comprehensive course material to their engaging, professional instructors, the TestMasters team is with you every step of the way.
Claire Evans
Loyola University Chicago
Before TestMasters: 155
After TestMasters: 167
Dave struck a great balance between communicating a mastery of the material on the one hand, and finding a sense of humor and play in the learning process on the other.
Felix Murphet
Before TestMasters: 160
After TestMasters: 171
My TestMasters teacher was so great. Not only was he completely clear with his explanations of LSAT questions, but he was really funny and kept the entire class entertained.
Liz Alspector
Carnegie Mellon University
Before TestMasters: 161
After TestMasters: 176