The instructors are very knowledgeable about the LSAT and want you to do well. They are also really good at making the classes enjoyable.
Jose Sevilla
Azusa Pacific University
Before TestMasters: 137
After TestMasters: 163
My instructor Dorothy Moneymaker was PHENOMENAL.
Sarah Anderson
Clemson University
Before TestMasters: 154
After TestMasters: 167
My instructors Gordon and Alexis impressed me with the depth of their knowledge and their ability to help me understand.
Peter Drake
Whitman College
Before TestMasters: 153
After TestMasters: 171
I cannot speak highly enough of TestMasters and my instructor Jeff Benjamin.
Robbie Fair
Vassar College
Before TestMasters: 159
After TestMasters: 171
Not only was my instructor extremely smart, he was also enthusiastic and personable. This made the classes fly by.
Danielle Jaffee
University of Maryland
Before TestMasters: 150
After TestMasters: 164
My teacher was always available and provided me with the personal touch that I needed.
Ryan Shaening
UC Santa Cruz
Before TestMasters: 152
After TestMasters: 167
What’s most striking about TestMasters is how much the instructors actually care about the success of each student.
Fred Lee
UC Berkeley
Before TestMasters: 159
After TestMasters: 170
My teacher was superb. He just poured energy into the classroom, and was focused on having every student truly understand how to master problems.
Rachel Pelham
Pomona College
Before TestMasters: 156
After TestMasters: 168
I am forever indebted to my instructors and TestMasters for the excellent career in law that they have made available to me.
Alan Gray
Florida Atlantic University
Before TestMasters: 150
After TestMasters: 161
Our instructor was an LSAT expert who could answer any question we had.
Stephanie Lax
Temple University
Before TestMasters: 154
After TestMasters: 176
The teachers are extremely responsive to the needs of the individuals within each class, and the pace of the class was perfect.
Louie Centanni
Trinity College
Before TestMasters: 155
After TestMasters: 167
The instructors are really committed to helping students, and they make sure that every concept is fully covered before moving ahead.
Corey Banks
Tufts University
Before TestMasters: 159
After TestMasters: 178
Doug Lawrence was a great instructor. He was funny, personable, patient with everyone’s questions, and it never felt like a chore coming to class.
Netta Sofer
UC San Diego
Before TestMasters: 146
After TestMasters: 167
A book alone could not have instructed me half as well as my TestMasters teachers did.
Matthew Conway
Providence College
Before TestMasters: 168
After TestMasters: 176
My instructor was excellent. Her teaching was thorough and clear, and she was patient and responsive to questions.
Shana Khader
Occidental College
Before TestMasters: 162
After TestMasters: 176
I could tell that my instructor cared about the progress each student was making, which made a considerable difference in the learning process.
Kelsey Stricker
Loyola Marymount University
Before TestMasters: 152
After TestMasters: 169
My instructor was invaluable. She answered all my questions and helped me truly understand how the test is constructed.
Philip Wiese
Northwestern University
Before TestMasters: 163
After TestMasters: 171
My instructor Palmer Heenan was outstanding at communicating the TestMasters concepts to our class.
Michael Petrash
Bucknell University
Before TestMasters: 142
After TestMasters: 160
My instructor was intelligent, thorough, and funny, and made class very enjoyable.
Andrea Patton
Washington University-St. Louis
Before TestMasters: 161
After TestMasters: 172
I was really satisfied with my instructor. He was patient, smart, and able to make confusing things clear.
Zheng Fan
Nanjing Normal University
Before TestMasters: 151
After TestMasters: 165
My instructor was passionate about her work and was very approachable before and after class.
Ivan Cao
Before TestMasters: 161
After TestMasters: 173
The instructor from TestMasters really took the time to get to know each of us individually and hone in on our strengths and weaknesses.
Edward Laber
University of Arizona
Before TestMasters: 144
After TestMasters: 164
The personal attention that our teacher gave each student created an enjoyable learning environment. He really cared how we would fare come test day.
Matthew Boucher
Northwestern University
Before TestMasters: 154
After TestMasters: 172
My instructor was not only extremely knowledgeable, but he also explained the logic behind each question so that everyone in the class got it.
Chelsea Handler
University of Florida
Before TestMasters: 154
After TestMasters: 175
My instructor was fantastic. He was extremely helpful and approachable.
Rachel Enoch
University of Michigan
Before TestMasters: 151
After TestMasters: 167