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GRE Registration Policy

Test Formats

The GRE is administered in two formats: the computer-based test (CBT) and the paper-and-pencil test. Students taking the GRE General Test in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or a U.S. territory must take the computer-based GRE. The paper-and-pencil test is offered only where the computer-based test is unavailable and is administered only on particular dates (only once a year in many locations). In contrast, the computer-based test is given year-round.

Test Centers Within the U.S.

In the United States, you can register for the GRE online at or by calling the Prometric Candidate Services Call Center at 800-GRE-CALL (800-473-2255). If you already know which test center you want, you may call the test center directly. If you register by phone or online, you must pay the testing fee by debit or credit card.

To register by mail, download or request a copy of the GRE Registration Bulletin (you can also pick up a copy of the Bulletin at on-campus career counseling offices). The Bulletin has the forms and instructions you need to register for the GRE by mail.

Test Centers Outside the U.S

In locations outside the United States, you can register for the computer-based GRE online at You can also contact the appropriate Regional Registration Center (RRC) and register by phone. To find out which RRC has jurisdiction over the test center nearest you, visit the GRE website ( or download or request a copy of the GRE Registration Bulletin. The Bulletin has a list of international test centers and their corresponding RRCs. The Bulletin also has complete forms and instructions for payment by mail and a list of the types of payment accepted.

Students can register for the paper-and-pencil test online at the above email address or by mail (following the instructions in the Bulletin). Remember that the paper-and-pencil test is offered only where the CBT is not available.

Testing Fees

In the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. territories, the GRE General Test registration fee is $205.

Rescheduling the Test Date

To reschedule the date, time, or location of your test, contact GRE services by phone (1-609-771-7670), or by email ([email protected]). You can also contact GRE services at the mailing address found in the Bulletin. Changing the date, time, or location of your test requires an additional fee of $50. The deadline for rescheduling a CBT appointment is four days before you are scheduled to take your test; after that, the entire testing fee is forfeit if you fail to take the test on the scheduled date.

Canceling the Test Registration

If you cancel your GRE appointment at least at least four days before your test date, you will receive a refund of half your original test fee. After the four–day deadline, however, the entire testing fee is forfeit. You can cancel your test by contacting GRE services via any of the methods mentioned above.

Retaking the Test

You can take the GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period. This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. If you take the paper-based GRE revised General Test, you can take it as often as it is offered.