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TestMasters offers 80-hour Live LSAT courses at select Arkansas locations for students in Russellville who would rather enroll in a traditional classroom course. The perfect choice for Russellville students who want the benefits of one of our LSAT prep courses but who cannot schedule a live course is our in-depth Online LSAT Course. Students in Arkansas who would like to prepare for the LSAT one-on-one with a private tutor can either work exclusively with one of our LSAT private tutors or supplement a TestMasters LSAT course with additional tutoring hours.

Full Length LSAT Course

  • Eighty hours of live, in-class instruction
  • Instructors who have scored in at least the 98th percentile on an actual LSAT
  • The complete set of TestMasters LSAT books delivered free via courier, including access to all previously released LSAT questions (over 7500 total)
  • Six proctored (and nine additional) full-length LSAT Prep Tests with comprehensive performance analyses available for each
  • Thorough homework assignments that contain real LSAT questions, LSAT prep drills, numerous analyses and other LSAT review tools, and a systematic classification of every question type for every released LSAT question
  • Access to the best LSAT preparation methods and techniques in the world
  • Written or video explanations for every logic game, line reference notes for every reading comp passage, and written, video or audio explanations for many logical reasoning questions
    • Full access to the LSAT study tools in our Online Resource Center—use the Online Resource Center to score diagnostics, examine score reports, take psychometric quizzes, view instructional videos and read written explanations, study the Flawed Methods of Reasoning database, locate questions using the LSAT Search Engine, and read special bulletins concerning the LSAT and law school admissions
  • Cost—$1450

Online LSAT Course

  • Over one hundred hours of LSAT prep videos by TestMasters founder Robin Singh, the world record-holder for perfect scores on the LSAT
  • Full access to the LSAT study tools in the TestMasters Online Resource Center—here, students can score LSAT PrepTests, examine score reports, study LSAT vocabulary with psychometric quizzes, watch instructional videos and read written explanations, improve their understanding of arguments with the Flawed Methods of Reasoning database, access questions using the LSAT Search Engine, and receive academic bulletins concerning the LSAT and law school admissions
  • The complete five-volume set of TestMasters LSAT books delivered free via courier, including access to all LSAT questions released by the LSAC (over 7500 questions)
  • Access to TestMasters’ proven methods and techniques
  • Systematic classification of every question type for every released LSAT question
  • Written or video explanations for every logic game, line reference notes for each reading comp passage, and written, video or audio explanations for selected logical reasoning questions
  • Fifteen full-length LSAT PrepTests with comprehensive score analyses available for each
  • Cost—$950

Weekend LSAT Course

  • Sixteen hours of classroom instruction.
  • Instructors who have scored in at least the 98th percentile on an actual LSAT
  • An in-depth workbook that contains real LSAT prep questions, LSAT study drills, numerous analyses, and other LSAT study tools
  • Access to over 1300 previously released LSAT questions
  • Access to the best LSAT preparation methods and techniques in the world
  • Seven full-length diagnostics with comprehensive performance analyses available for each
  • Use of our Online Resource Center for the purpose of scoring LSATs and receiving comprehensive score reports.
  • Cost—$450

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TestMasters transfer policy for the Russellville LSAT course?

Students enrolled in the Russellville LSAT course who need to audit lessons in a different location can do so by printing audit passes from the Online Resource Center. TestMasters students can also change locations for the remainder of the course at no additional cost if there is space available in the new location. Students wishing to exercise this option should contact TestMasters immediately so we can ensure that a spot is reserved.

What are the steps to enroll in the Russellville TestMasters prep course?

TestMasters registration policy allows students to register for an LSAT review class by paying in full or making a $100 deposit for an LSAT prep course. TestMasters accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover and students can register online or over the phone. Students who wish to mail their registration information can submit checks or money orders. All students paying with credit/debit cards or money orders must complete their payments no later than 7 days prior to the first class meeting, and students paying with personal checks must submit their payments no later than 10 days prior to the first class meeting.

What can I do if I have questions about the TestMasters homework?

Students enrolled in the live, 80-hour TestMasters LSAT course have access to the instructor-staffed Academic Assistance department to get any homework questions answered before they begin new lesson material.

Do I receive course books with the Russellville full-length TestMasters LSAT course?

The Russellville Weekend LSAT Course includes 1 course text books with over 1300 real LSAT questions and 10 supplemental diagnostic exams, and access to the Online Resource Center comprehensive diagnostic score reports. All four of the weekend lessons are included in the text book and students can score their supplemental diagnostic exams after the conclusion of their course via the Online Resource Center.

When can I make up a scheduled diagnostic exam for the Russellville TestMasters course?

Students can easily make-up a diagnostic exam by downloading the test from their Online Resource Center. The test is available on the day that it is administered in class, but can be released early upon request. It is recommended that students take the test under timed conditions on their own. They must then submit their answer sheet to TestMasters in order to view their score reports on the Online Resource Center. If there is another location that is convenient for a student, they may also print an audit pass to attend the diagnostic on a different date, at a different location. The test will be submitted by the exam proctor and the results posted on the Online Resource Center that same day.

I want to get started with my LSAT prep as soon as possible. Is it advisable to study LSAT questions on my own before taking the TestMasters LSAT course?

Any student who is interested in signing up for the TestMasters LSAT course should not begin studying for the LSAT on their own or with any other LSAT prep courses. The TestMasters course is designed to allow students to absorb the TestMasters techniques and strategies by working through a vast amount of material. Students may pick up bad habits by studying on their own or working with other companies’ LSAT preparation materials.

Is tutoring available in Russellville?

In-person tutoring for the LSAT is available in every area where we hold classes. Sometimes we have tutors available in additional cities but tutoring is dependent on our tutor availability. TestMasters also offers telephonic tutoring which enables students to work one-on-one with a trained TestMasters instructor.

Is there a deadline to pay for the Russellville TestMasters LSAT course?

The deadline to complete your enrollment in a TestMasters live LSAT prep course is 7 days prior to the first LSAT class meeting. You can easily save your spot in an upcoming LSAT course by making a $100 down payment. The remaining course tuition can then be paid in any number installments as long as your course tuition is paid in full at least one week prior to the start of your LSAT prep classes.

What does the LSAT measure?

The LSAT is a five-section standardized test comprised of 2 logical reasoning sections, 1 logic games section, 1 reading comprehension section, and 1 experimental section. Unlike other standardized tests, the LSAT is a skills based test, rather than a content based test, designed to assess a student’s critical reasoning and reading comprehension abilities. The LSAT is the most heavily weighted component of any student’s law school admission application.

What is the ideal length of time a student should study for the LSAT?

Students who are scoring in a range they would be happy with on the actual test should sign up for the Law School Admission Test as soon as possible. Waiting until later will mean a greater risk of forgetting LSAT study strategies and techniques that are instrumental to success on the test. Students should consider how rolling admissions may affect their application when considering at what point during the admissions process to apply.

Who is the founder of TestMasters?

The TestMasters course was developed by Robin Singh, the leading expert on LSAT preparation and the world record holder for perfect scores on the LSAT (12). Each year, Robin Singh leads a research and development team in updating the TestMasters materials.

What sets the TestMasters full-length LSAT course apart from the TestMasters weekend course?

The weekend course is the perfect alternative for students who cannot attend a full-length TestMasters LSAT prep class but still want to attend a live class. Students enrolled in the weekend class not only receive 16 hours of instruction from a TestMasters instructor who scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an actual LSAT, they also receive homework problems to help reinforce what they learned in the course as well as several LSAT prep tests to allow students to further test their understanding of the material. Although the weekend course is an abbreviated version of the full-length course (in the full-length TestMasters course, students receive 80 hours of instruction and a copy of all 6,500+ questions that are available through the LSAC), it will provide students with a good understanding of the basics before they take the test.

When can I take the LSAT?

Unlike many other standardized graduate entrance exams, the LSAT is only administered a finite number of times a year. Test administrations occur in February, June, September/October, and December.

If I prepare for the LSAT one-on-one with a TestMasters tutor, what materials may I use?

Students working with a TestMasters private LSAT tutor can use TestMasters LSAT preparation materials or Law School Admission Council (LSAC) publications in their sessions. TestMasters only uses officially licensed LSAT questions from the LSAC and the full-length course materials include all released questions since 1991 (over 6500 in all). The LSAT Weekend Course book includes over 1200 actual LSAT questions and 10 supplemental practice tests. Students who are currently enrolled in or have taken a TestMasters LSAT course may use their class materials, and students enrolled in the Platinum Tutoring Package receive a full-set of LSAT prep books with their enrollment. All other students may purchase the aforementioned publications directly from TestMasters or the LSAC.

I want to do my LSAT prep with a private tutor. What is the structure of these LSAT study sessions?

TestMasters tutors can help students study for the LSAT in a variety of ways. Many students come to their tutoring sessions already knowing exactly what questions and concepts they would like to go over, and our tutors help them with those questions and enable them to find faster and more effective ways to approach the test. Other students need more guidance in determining what they need to work on. Our tutors guide these students to recognize the mistakes they are making and provide them with expert advice on how best to improve their LSAT understanding throughout the course of their LSAT preparation.

When applying to law school, how much does my LSAT score matter?

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, the vast majority of the time the score a student receives on the Law School Admission Test will determine more than any other individual factor where that student will be admitted to law school. Law schools also consider the undergraduate GPA to a degree, but it usually is far less critical than a student’s LSAT score. Since the skills that the LSAT is designed to test are learnable, LSAT preparation is a critical aspect of ensuring that students are as competitive as possible in the law school admission process.

How many years has TestMasters been preparing students to take the LSAT?

TestMasters LSAT preparation courses have helped over 100,000 students to dramatically improve their LSAT scores.

How are my LSAT PrepTest results made available on the Online Resource Center?

After the TestMasters offices have scored your proctored diagnostic, you will be able to save, print, and review your score report in the Online Resource Center. This process will be completed by 9AM the day after the proctored LSAT was administered, and students who plan to attend the LSAT review session should print their score reports and take them to the review. For any supplemental tests that you take on your own, your results will be available immediately after you have scored your test online.

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