Kentucky LSAT Course Schedules & Locations

What does the LSAT consist of?

The LSAT is a multiple-choice entrance exam that takes place over a period of approximately 4 hours. Test takers are given 2 logical reasoning sections, 1 logic games section, 1 reading comprehension section, and 1 ungraded experimental section. They must also complete an essay portion called the writing sample. For each of the sections and the writing sample, there is a 35-minute time limit.

Is the Law School Admission Test administered multiple times per year?

The Law School Admission Council offers the LSAT four times per year: in February, June, September/October, and December.

Where can I take the Law School Admission Test?

You can find the test centers closest to you by visiting the testing locations page on the LSAC website. There you’ll find a list of every published LSAT test center. Please note that the LSAT is not administered on every test date at every testing location.