Long Beach LSAT Prep Course

TestMasters’ live Long Beach LSAT prep course is held on the CSU Long Beach campus and just a short distance from Cal State Dominguez Hills. This course is taught by Dan Parino who has achieved a 171 on the LSAT and earned his B.A. from the University of Southern California.

The TestMasters LSAT prep course in Long Beach features over 100 hours of class time, including 80 hours of instruction and 6 proctored diagnostics. Students also receive our 5 volumes of course books as well as 15 authentic, full-length practice LSAT exams. Our LSAT course also comes with access to the Online Resource Center, which features over 80 hours of instructional video by Robin Singh, thousands of written explanations, detailed score reports, and much more.

Long Beach LSAT Course Schedules

Sep 27, 2014

Summer Course (Tu/Th)

Start Date: July 17, 2014
Dec 6, 2014

Autumn Course (M/W)

Start Date: September 29, 2014
Jun 8, 2015

Spring Course (Tu/Th)

Start Date: March 17, 2015

Long Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Does TestMasters offer private tutoring in Long Beach?

Yes, TestMasters offers private tutoring in the greater Long Beach area. Our tutors are the best LSAT tutors in Long Beach because every LSAT tutor has scored within the 98th percentile on an official LSAT exam, has extensive LSAT prep experience, and is also an instructor of our live Long Beach LSAT preparation courses. For more information on how you can get set up with one of our Long Beach LSAT tutors, visit our LSAT private tutoring page or contact us at 800.696.5728.

Is there anywhere to make up a lesson if I miss one during my Long Beach LSAT prep class?

Yes, TestMasters holds live LSAT courses all over Southern California, including locations in West LA, Downtown LA, the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Are TestMasters’ courses only for undergraduates?

TestMasters welcomes anyone to take our prep courses. Whether you’re an undergrad with your heart set on law school or you’re a professional looking for a career change, TestMasters can help you get the LSAT score you need to reach your goals.

What Our Students Say

Prior to taking the TestMasters course, I had never even looked at an LSAT problem and had no experience with the test at all. I received a 155 on my first diagnostic and felt this was a good gauge of my strengths and weaknesses. The techniques in the course were extremely helpful, especially in dealing with Logic Games. The last three diagnostics teetered around 160, but my actual exam score was a 166. Throughout the course, I had a marked improvement in all three sections, mostly in the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning sections. The diagnostics in the course are previous LSAT exams and, thus, are a strong indicator of your performance on the actual exam. There are four proctored exams provided throughout the course, but there are many diagnostics provided online for you to take on your own. Besides the diagnostics, there is a seemingly endless supply of LSAT problems (all taken from actual LSAT exams) to help any test taker improve his or her skills. I took TestMasters due to its reputation and because of strong recommendations from others. I now am also giving a strong recommendation to take TestMasters for your LSAT preparation.
The TestMasters program offers students a unique opportunity to get a leg up on the LSAT. They accomplish this so well because unlike a great deal of prep courses and night programs, TestMasters is truly an educational experience. While mastering the techniques is important and emphasized, the real lessons that come out of TestMasters are those of dedication, critical thinking, and perseverance. I came into the whole experience with a lot of questions and fears; I had never taken a test like this before. The TestMasters instructors are dedicated to putting fears to rest by teaching a philosophy on how to approach the LSAT. Each night in class, we would learn the "curriculum" for the night (techniques, question types, rules, etc.) but along the way we were also given a prescribed methodology of thought as well. I never once felt as though a teacher was just telling me what to do because he clearly knew the best way and I was a mere student. He explained why a certain technique was effective. He explained how he arrived at a certain conclusions in situations where the techniques are harder to apply. He warned us against the pitfalls that can come with irresponsible logical thought and explained the differences between good and bad logical thought. When I was right, I knew why and when I was wrong, not only did I know why but almost immediately recognized it and found the correct answer. The TestMasters techniques are more than just strategic tools to overcome the twists and turns of an insanely difficult test. They are also incredible teachers of critical thinking and logic. The techniques you learn in studying for this test are invaluable to confronting everyday problems and situations well beyond the test. Aside from the content, the teachers I encountered were pleasant, patient, punctual, professional and always willing to answer any number of questions about any number of things. They were helpful about issues concerning class content of course, but they were also concious of the mental and emotional trauma that an LSAT-taker goes through and did their best to ease our worries and help us through the whole experience. Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking the LSAT.