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Alabama LSAT Course Schedules & Locations

What is on the Law School Admission Test?

There are a total of six sections on the LSAT, and they’re all designed to test your reasoning and reading skills. Each of the sections is 35 minutes in length. Five of them are multiple-choice, and consist of 2 logical reasoning sections, 1 logic games section, 1 reading comprehension section, and 1 ungraded experimental section. The final section of the test requires you to write an essay, which is also ungraded. The law schools to which you apply may look at your essay during the admissions process to get a better sense of your writing ability.

How many LSAT administrations are there each year?

Each year the Law School Admission Council schedules four LSAT test dates for February, June, September/October, and December.

Where can I take the Law School Admission Test?

You can find the test centers closest to you by visiting the testing locations page on the LSAC website. There you’ll find a list of every published LSAT test center. Please note that some test centers are not available for every LSAT administration.